Thursday, August 21, 2014

Guide to Grading Book Condition

Here are the following terminologies on grading your book condition, as proposed by AB Bookman's Weekly back in 1949 1:
  • As New a. k. a. Mint - literally the book is still in "brand new" condition. May be still sealed in plastic or without it. No wears, folds, stamp and any other defects. 
  • Fine - secondary to mint condition, sign of a very little wear on the book's jacket or the book itself in a sense that the grader will consider the book as still in fine & looks new condition.
  • Very Good - a little wear on the book's jacket or the book itself
  • Good - worn book but all pages are still complete . The wears, folds, dirt & any defects may be noticeable.
  • Fair - worn book. The wears, folds, dirt & any defects are noticeable. Or if there's no wears, folds, dirt & any defects but the jacket is missing, consider grade it as fair condition.
  • Poor - "don't judge the book by its cover" 4. The wears, folds, dirt & any defects are noticeable. Worst than that, page(s) may be missing and cover was scratched out

  • 1 AB Bookman Grading Scale -
  • 2 List of User Book Conditions -
  • 3 AB Bookman Weekly -
  • 4 Don't Judge a Book by its Cover quote -'t_judge_a_book_by_its_cover
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Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Ready to be Rich's Guide to Investing

I don't much read non-fiction books but when i do, I choose & read a non-fiction book that would make an impact to my life. An essential material like our elementary & high school textbooks. And that's when i found out Mr. Fitz Villafuerte of Ready to be Rich blog published his Guide to Investing book, I decided to buy it.

Title: Guide to Investing
Subtitle: Learn how to invest effectively to achieve your financial goals
Author: Fitz Gerard Villafuerte, RFP
ISBN: 9789710118137
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Central Book Supply, Inc.
Price: 500.00 php.

Guide to Investing Front Cover
Guide to Investing Spine. The book is thinner than i expected. And the price is not cheap.

How do i discovered 'Ready to be Rich' blog & this book?

I discovered Fitz Villafuerte's blog a couple of years ago and became a subscriber ever since. That was the time i thought about my future. So i researched about finances and stumbled upon at his blog. Recently, he published this book and bought it. Now, featured on this blog because it's worth a read and I'm blogging this as a support to Philippine literature (in finance).

Should i read this book?

I was 24 years old back that time (now 26). I'm researching about finances as I've said. I'm thinking of what would become of me in the future. I ask myself, what will happen in the next 5 or 10 years? Will i get married? Perhaps, no. I'm still single. Will i be able to buy my own house? My big dream since childhood because i hate living in my current home. Or, will something happen unexpectedly? Do i have savings to pay the hospital? I already thought of that before and created a savings account at BDO (for emergency needs). But there's more. The current income i get isn't sufficient to reach my goal - buying a new house in the next 5 years, budget for marriage rites (in case), and budget for my life (life/medical insurances).

If you think it thoroughly, living in the Philippines is like sleeping in a bed with swarming leeches. Politically, flow of money in this country is leaking and the leaked money is gone through politician's wallet. And that's not all, did you even realize that every year, market prices are increasing? (e.g. oil, transportation fees, college tuition fees, and even garlic/"BAWANG" prices goes up!) It's called inflation. And realize further, with inflation, every year you salary increase and do you think you profit with your increase? Perhaps, a little but in my opinion, the increase only catches up with the inflation.

I think, most of us Filipinos are in the same situation and not really aware of it because we're not that financially educated. Finance subject was not in our elementary & high schools curricula (not sure for those who are enrolled in international schools). And no, don't tell me you learned it from your Economics & Math subjects, they don't teach how to properly handle and grow money. They didn't taught how to save money in the bank. They didn't taught the importance of saving money.

And to answer the question if you should read this book - as I've told you my situation, yes, we should.

Investing may be the answer. May be the solution on how we can grow money. The book answers our question about investing (click back cover of the book below):

Guide to Investing Rear Cover


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Book Review: Inferno by Dan Brown (Signed Edition)

It's been a year since i bought this signed copy of Dan Brown's latest novel Inferno. Bought from Barnes&Noble (trackback blog post here). I just finished the book last week. My reading progress for this book is not the usual 'read at one-sitting' because i became a very busy person due to my high-paid work. It reached a year before i finally finished the book.

Anyway, here, my book review starts for Inferno.

Book Information:

Title: Inferno
Author: Dan Brown
Language: English
Genre: Mystery, Thriller
Publisher: Doubleday
Published Date: 2013
Edition: 1st, Signed Edition
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 480 pages
ISBN: 9780385538176

I ordered two signed copies of Inferno from B&N. One copy has a minor wrinkle on its jacket (see below):

Front Cover of the Inferno novel written by Dan Brown

But all-in-all, the other copy itself is in good condition, generally. I didn't returned it to B&N for replacement because copies are very limited and they might not accommodate my request:

Back Cover of the Inferno novel written by Dan Brown

The binding of the book has a minor dents on top of its spine (see below):

Side Jacket of the Inferno novel written by Dan Brown

With all the noticeable condition (minor) of the book, It's still a rare piece because of the author's signature (see below):

Copy of the Inferno novel signed by the author Dan Brown

Because this is a rare book, I enveloped it with a plastic cover, meticulously crafted, a crafting technique that only I on Earth has mastered - a detachable plastic cover to preserved the cover jacket of the book (see below):

The Inferno

Given the title of the book itself, obviously, the story has something to do with Dante Alighieri's The Inferno. Good thing, I read the divine comedy the Inferno wayback year 2011 so I'm comfortable reading it straight (check my book review of Dante Alighieri's The Inferno here).

Just a brief of what you can expect by reading this book. Spoiler Alert! You'll find our main character Robert Langdon lies on a deathbed. Upon waking up, he is pursued by people he doesn't know. He doesn't know why he's pursued and why he end up there in Florence. On the other hand, there's this Divine Comedy fanatic who want's to spread an unknown kind of a plague. World Health Organization (WHO) was even alerted because of this. This is only a brief summary of what you can expect to the novel. If you think the flow of the story is that simple, simple as what i summarized here, think not, you know how Dan Brown writes (if you've read his other novel), there's always a twist to the story that will make you more hook and thrilled.

Tragedy & Comedy, If You Don't Know Yet

If you're sleeping like me during the lecture of your English/Literature teacher back in your/our school days, you may realize that you missed the true meaning of Comedy & Tragedy to The Divine Comedy. I felt a kind of shame the time i learned in this book, that the 'Comedy' is not a funny portrayal or something an actor do to make you laugh while watching your favorite comedy show. The true meaning is, see quoted below:

"By modern standards, The Divine Comedy has nothing comedic about it. It's called a comedy for another reason entirely. In the fourteenth century, Italian literature was, by requirement, divided into two categories: tragedy, representing high literature, was written in formal Italian; comedy, representing low literature, was written in the vernacular and geared toward the general population." - (Robert Langdon, pg. 82)

Manila as Gates of Hell Controversy

Before i read the book, It became controversial to some of Filipinos who, I don't understand why they're being so reactive about the portrayal of one of the character in the novel about Manila - as 'Gates of Hell'. Even the Chairman of Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) Atty. Francis Tolentino is against the book. Take note, he's titled Attorney.

My curiosity grows and upon finishing the book, I trackback the issue and realized how the brains of those people who was butthurt need an emergency remedial to school and learn to define the meaning of fiction in Literature class. They even need, I think, a review lesson in Psychology on how to manage their anger. Moreover, they also need to conduct a thesis about the population and do a field work in Manila, preferably women (and they must be ALONE when conducting their field survey).

The End Justifies The Means

"The hottest place in Hell is reserved for those who in time of crisis remain neutral"

Does the Inferno quote above hit you?

You'd understand this part after you read the book. The question is - would you do what Bertrand Zobrist to mankind? Releasing a kind of plague to decrease the human population. Given the uncontrollable human population's growth, the population in the Philippines as a kind example, need to be lessened. If not, poverty will increase. Crimes will be rampant. Starvation. Devastation of human race.



Thursday, April 17, 2014

Wickedmouth - Unang Putok ni Glenn Tabarejos

Pamagat: Wickedmouth
Pangalawang Pamagat: Unang Putok
May-akda: Glenn Tabarejos
Limbagan: BHM Publishing
Petsa ng Pagkakalimbag: 2013
Kalidad ng Pagkakalimbag: Maganda
ISBN: 978-971-95188-2-2
Halaga: 200.00 pesos
Akma sa Edad ng Mambabasa: 18+

Nagustuhan ko ang pagkakaguhit sa pabalat ng librong ito. Ang gumuhit ay si Al Estrella o Mots ng Teacher's Pwet blog.
wickedmouth unang putok front cover
Wickedmouth - Unang Putok Front Cover
Bibigyan puntos ko rin ang paglalagay nila ng Parental Advisory Explicit Content badge sa librong ito bilang babala. At di ko sinasadyang naiwan kong pakalat-kalat sa bahay namin ang Unang Putok at nabasa ng aking pamangkin na nasa 12 taong gulang. (buti na lang, wala pa siya sa kalahati)
wickedmouth unang putok rear cover
Wickedmouth - Unang Putok Rear Cover
Una kong nadiskobre ang blog ni Glentot noong nakaraang taon sa isang pooksasapot na nakasapot sa isang komento sa blog na natagpuan ko sa sanggunian ng mga blog mula sa BlogNgPinoy.

Hinanap ko ang librong ito sa Filipiniana / Filipino Literature at di ko mahanap kaya't itanong ko ito sa 'miss' dun sa National Bookstore - Megamall...

   Ako: (nag-inquire ako sa Customer Desk). Miss may "May Unang PUTOK kayo?"
   Miss Nat'l: Ha?!
   Ako: Unang PUTOK. Author nun si Glenn.
   Miss Nat'l: (nakakunot yung noo) Tagalog ba yung libro?

Nabastusan yata sa akin dahil sa matigas na pagkakabigkas ko ng "PUTOK" hahaha.

   Ako: Oo... yata.
   Miss Nat'l: (nag-type siya sa kompyuter para hanapin)

Pinayuhan niya ako na maghintay at kanyang kukuhanin ang aking hinahanap.

Siya'y bumalik at ibinigay sa akin ang Wickedmouth. Yey!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Book Review: The Pearl by John Steinbeck

Book Title: The Pearl
Author: John Steinbeck
Genre: Parable
Form: Novelette / Novella
Language: English
ISBN-10: 014017737X
ISBN-13: 978-0140177374
Publisher: Penguin Books
Where To Buy: National Bookstore (Philippine) | Price: ₱279.00
Comment: I just borrowed this book from my niece.

Front Cover of The Pearl by John Steinbeck - Penguin Books

Back Cover of The Pearl by John Steinbeck - Penguin Books

The setting of the story is in a poverty area on a land's seashore, I think, in a shore around Gulf of somewhere in Mexico. The main characters are Kino (the one who found the pearl of the world), Juana (Kino's wife) and Coyotito (their son).

In the story, I see that there's a barrier between rich people & the poor. I learned, In the time setting of the story, being married & being baptized would require a sum of money and getting a healthcare / a doctor would also require a sum of money. People, their neighborhood have the culture of being a gossiper where story crawls to neighbor-to-neighbors, reaching beggars to churches, offices, tantamount to the whole city.

On the last part of the story, I didn't know first exactly how *spoiler alert* their son died. It made me wonder if it was because of stray bullet fired by the hunters to scared the coyotes off who they thought was crying. Juana and her son were left to the cave. How the bullet got inside? The last part didn't clearly tell how it happens because the conclusion of the story is they arrived back in the city, with Juana having her son dead and Kino having a rifle on his back. Kino decided to throw the pearl back to the sea because it brought pain & disaster to them. And i think it's already useless too because his dream for his Coyotito will never happen.

I searched for more information about the ending of the story and it confirms the cause of death was because of a stray bullet fired by the hunters. ( source: )

What i learned after reading the story - having a valuable item or something great about yourself, there's an accompanied envious feeling on someone's end. Envy is a sin according to Christian ethics. For me, envy is a sin if and only if you are doing something bad due great desire. In my opinion, I couldn't say it's a sin if you're doing something good or something with an effort to get what you're envying about (like working hard to buy what you desire). Envy is a sin if you're doing something bad like stealing or doing something wrong to the person just to get what you desire. Simple, Isn't it? Well, speak of 7 Deadly Sins, the story may also relate to other three deadly sins called Greed, Wrath & Pride.

My review ends here.

Thank you for reading :-)

By the way, If you'd like to buy the book, you may click the links below by

You will like it.