Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Unemployed Otli

I remember while watching a TV news it is said that there are lot or millions of Filipinos out there who are jobless. I wonder why? I presumed incompetency, ain't in-demand skills, or a new form of industry that will somehow force you to join them?

By the way I'm a fresh grad with bachelors degree in Computer Science and I'm looking for an IT job. This would be my first time to hunt for a real job and I think I'm experiencing the emotional distress of an unemployed guy. It's two weeks past since I graduated and I'm craving to work for real.

I'm looking for a particular skills: linux/unix command line admin task

I first searched in .

Since, I'm a fresh grad I wouldn't look for International locations. For a beginner, just stick to your country. Here, I've chosen my own country of residence - Philippines (A.):

A. (Click the Image for better view)

The next page will appear as seen in B. It's cool thing that they have a special tab for Fresh Grad and for those who's looking for internship.

B. (Click the Image for better view)

Type-in the keyword that is relevant to your skill. Here, I type 'linux' because I'm looking for a position that needs knowledge in Linux OS, second I type 'entry' because I'm a beginner and would go for entry level position either it isn't a Linux job, and third I type-in 'junior' same with keyword 'entry'. (see C.)

HINT: Usually employers name their job posts with keywords 'entry' or 'junior' and this pertains that they are looking for Fresh Grad (and that's me). I know this because I went to several practicum and learn this habit of employers.

C. (Click the Image for better view)

Finally, the result part (see the image file at D.) .

D. (Click the Image for better view)

Did you saw the image file D (download here if it can't be viewed correctly)?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Igor Ignorante: "It's an error. Report it to Customer Support. They will surely help you."

Otli: "Ah. I got to go. I'm in a hurry really. It's important."

Igor Ignorante: "Where?"

Otli: "To Church."

Igor Ignorante: "(laugh) What? Why? To pray that you'll get a job?"

Otli: "No. To pray that you understand us, to know how an IT think."

. . . (Harry Potter cast silencio . A Pause of Silence)

Otli: "Wait. I remember, you are also an IT right? Do you know the indexing and search algo behind a typical search engine?"

Igor Ignorante: ". . . (think) (think) (think then remembered, might be) Ah. Yes. Yes."

Otli: "Ah. Good."

Igor Ignorante: "(awkward silence) (will ask a question to break the silence) But did you report the error to JobStreet?

Otli: "(walked-out; gone to Church and confessed for saying bad words [inside my mind] while talking to Igor)"

NOTE: I know there's no error on their search system but Igor keep insisting or maybe he's talking because he just wanted to . . . talk. It's just that the employer aggregates and propagates the relevant keywords. For example the keyword 'linux' will be grouped with keyword 'it' or 'information technology' , when a user search 'linux' a page with 'it' tags will appear though it hasn't a tag 'linux' (i will not go to in-depth technical explanation but that is how it goes).

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Ares Arrogante: "Then go for it."

Otli: "What?"

Ares Arrogante: "Send your application for a Call Center Job."

Otli: "Yeah. Life is so simple. (turning his back; hiding his dirty finger then went to church the other day)"

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Tambay-sa-Kanto: "Iinom mo na lang yan."

Otli: "Pag idinaan ko sa inom, Eddie Gil wala lalong nangyari."

Tambay-sa-Kanto: "Mawawala problema mo pag uminom ka. Tsaka bandyi-bandying lang tayo. Easy ka lang pre."

Otli: "(feels suspicious) Mawawala nga problema ko baka pati kinabukasan ko mawala rin sa inom."

NOTE: Bandyi-bandying - salitang laseng ng "bonding", kunwaring konting kasiyahan lang pero malaking probabilidad na nauuwi sa droga ang mga pabandyi-bandying. Huwag tularan.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Now, I understand why. This is what we called unemployment.

In addition, I try another search on their site in another search tab, comprehensive search (too long to picture here), there are interesting posts but the job post I've found mostly needs work experience of two or three years. Pity me. I submitted an application though my work experiences were from practicum/ojt (would that count?).

Well then, life goes on.


DISCLAIMER: This is an overreacted story. Don't fear. He's kidding. He have no problem on finding a job and he is still jobless. The author is doing fine but still can't deny the high unemployment rate in the Philippines. The kwentong kalokohan part are only fictional imagination of the author. And the author asserts that there are no direct attacks to any company like . The observation of searches in JobStreet are facts. It is just an observation and it does not ridicule the company so peace be with you tracker agent. OBSERVATION DATED November 05, 2010 . No part of this article will be change. You can share this but you need to credit the author's name - Otli. Thank you for reading.


  1. You should look at some local broadsheet to find job opportunity...

    Its very hard to find nowadays...but it you found one and already an employee there, don't forget to inform us...because you are our backer....wehehehe
    Good luck for your job hunt...We are counting on you...wehehe

  2. @Anonymous_November 9, 2010

    I appreciate, you're the first to post a comment in my blog.

    What "backer"? Kilala kita!
    Backer mo muka mo!

    [smoke bomb]

    . . . find him in next two years