Sunday, January 30, 2011

Samsung Wave 525 (Samsung GT-S5253)

Samsung GT-S5253 or better known as Samsung Wave 525 is a touchscreen smarthphone by Samsung Electronics. It runs Samsung's very own mobile operating system called bada OS. The general market release of this phone was June 2010. Samsung first release their first bada OS operated touchscreen smartphone also last June 2010 which is the Samsung Wave S8500 with its Super AMOLED screen that made it much expensive than other cheaper Wave phones.

NOTE: The production of Samsung Wave S8500 has been stopped due to shortage of Super AMOLED screen. Samsung Electronics release the 2nd version of Samsung Wave S8500 which is calle Samsung Wave II.1


Google's Android Phones, Apple's iPhone, and did you know or are you aware that Samsung Electronics also joined the touchphone war last year? Samsung Electronics presented their Wave phone last year 2010, to compete with with the heated touchphone battle between Android vs. iOS.

NOTE: When I say iOS that means it's proprietary operating system used by Apple iPhone devices and only Apple iPhone devices can use it. When I say Google Android phone that means "Android" which is the name of the operating system used by different manufacturers to their phone and of different companies. Don't be confused with this, Android Phones may be phones by Motorola, Samsung, Sony, etc. It's not that Google company owns the whole device, it's just that their Android OS were used openly by manufactures with some limited contract. Android OS is open source for development. Apple iOS is not.

Samsung Wave phones is another touchphone series by Samsung Electronics. I've used the Samsung Wave 525 and what I can say about it - is the phone lacks the support of open community developers. Actually, the bada OS that the Wave phones run is open for community development by interested software developers so it's kind of similar to Android's community devs.

I also notice that Wave phones ain't interest the hacking/cracking community because I found less tweaks and tricks about it such as free paid games for download (nothing), hack tools for touchphones (there are some but not that useful), and I don't find Wave phones suited for super users.

It seems that I'm jumping out of topic about Samsung Wave 525 but I am not. The same review about Wave phones applies to Samsung Wave 525 and to all Wave phones.

Samsung Wave 525 has two different colors: Metallic Black and Pearl White. Also, the spec tells me that it is Multi-touch capable, and yes the multi-touch works with Images and Internet browser when viewing in zoom-in and zoom-out. The Multi-touch feature doesn't work in touchscreen games that I've downloaded like Tetris, Assassins Creed II, Time Crisis and there's no more to count since there are less good games for it and can only be downloaded through Samsung Kies. Aside from touchscreen games specially for Samsung Wave, you can also install Java Games, and that is just good since every smartphone is a Java enabled phones.

If the lack of seasoned developers engaging to Bada OS community development continues then this would be the end for Samsung Wave. I foresaw but I don't set to conclusion.

   Buyer's Judgement:   

Apple's iPhone4:
- Elegant; over 300000 apps; a lot of interested features. With high expectation for future updates.

Google's Android Phone (any):
- I don't know the estimates of apps but it stand the battle between iPhone. (hundred thousand of apps with good guess). With high expectation for future updates.

Samsung Wave:
- With slow release of new apps. With low expectation for future updates.

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  1. wow. i tried to sound like a techie smart ass by writing a review with samsung gt-b3410, also (its in my other blog) but i guess i failed. im not really very particular with the specs of the phone, see my posts recently? i mentioned there i bought samsung punch. guess what made me bought it.. the keypad's color when lighted turns to pink. hahahaha! im still using my very old nokia and yeah a samsung, too. ive tried so many samsung phones already. but my next buy will be experia :)

  2. @sub ~ Good choice for choosing Experia. It runs an Android OS and it is the thing I would really recommend.

  3. hindi ako mka relate. hehehehe

  4. pero parang mas gusto ko yung samsung wave 525.....

  5. @Athena ~ wag. Sabi ko nga po sa review ko, di papatok ang Samsung Wave 525 kasi kulang sa community support yung bada OS. If you're going to buy a touchscreen smartphone I would recommend a phone running an Android OS.

  6. can u tell me themes for samsing wave 525???? i searched alot but i can find themes for samsung wave 525....

  7. Hi @"Anonymous_February 3, 2011 12:09 PM". You can download Wave themes for free through Samsung Kies application. Have Samsung Kies installed in your PC or Mac. Connect your Wave phone and let Kies detect it. Go to Samsung Apps (inside Kies) and you'll find a lot of themes there (some has fees and some are free for download).

  8. fanatiko ako ng samsung brands, mula tv hangang telepono!

  9. i buy s5253.maganda kya tkga to pagdating sa aplication?ndi kya aq magsisi?

  10. when will samsung develop new version of software update for s5253.web works slowly

  11. @Anonymous_Mar 26, 2012 12:15 AM
    ~ Hi, thank you for visiting my blog. My mom got this phone and she always bugging me to fix and upgrade her s525 (esp. the Facebook app. is kind of not supporting the device anymore). We send it for servicing but what they do is downgrading the firmware to make it work again. As I've said, there's low expectation for future upgrade with this phone.

    This is not recommended to buy anymore.

    Thanks people!