Wednesday, February 2, 2011

101 Free Tech Books

I just checked my email today this morning and to my surprise I've won a free tech book of my choice by "101 Free Tech Books". I'm absorbing a lot of luck lately. First week of January 2011, I also won a free Microsoft .NET training by Microsoft Webspark Philippines through their Facebook fan page but I am having a doubt to confirm the veracity of that because the email exchange was halted i-don't-know why. Anyway, I'm going to blog about Microsoft Webspark Philippines if I still don't receive an update from them.

Here's the screenshot (and I'm exposing the 90 percent of my real identity only now):

From Email. The Winning Code.

After Verification
(Click to enlarge view)

"101 Free Tech Books" is a giveaway site where you can choose any tech book(s) of your choice. You can choose an infinite number of books and will be added to your wishlist. The draw is every end of the month, if you won you'll choose one book from your wishlist and that's it - they'll ship it to you with no cost.

NOTE: This review is subject to change if I don't receive the book within this month. I also don't confirm the veracity of "101 Free Tech Books" similar to Microsoft Webspark Philippines. I need a proof first.