Sunday, August 7, 2011

Book Review: The Best of This is a Crazy Planets (Good Reads)


Book Title: The Best of This is a Crazy Planets
Author: Lourd Ernest H. de Veyra
Language: English/Filipino
ISSN: 2011-1215-00
No. of Pages: 116
Publisher: Summit Media | Summit Books
Where to Buy: Available at National Bookstore
Price: 195.00 php.

I first learned of Lourd de Veyra from his video segment "The Word of the Lourd" of TV5 and from Radioactive Sago Project latterly. I became interested to his satire views, shrewd commentaries, sarcastic humor and an aura of his that would make you say "yeah, that's right Lourd!".

Learning that he released a new book, I anticipated to buy it.

Reading "The Best of This is a Crazy Planets" will not make yourself to be fed up with. It is something that you need to read more so that you'll be aware of your stupidity. Well, I actually realized that in some ways I'm stupid after reading the book. I feel kind of embarrassed, really, but I'm happy that I've learned not to do the don'ts. I asked myself "Why am I doing those things? I just realized why.", and that's because I'm a victim of a distorted culture. It's a book that is something I can relate to.

After reading his collection of essays, I've learned several do's and dont's. Like "Umasal Lang Ng Ayon Sa Ganda", "Words and Phrases A Real Man Must Never Use", "10 Stupid Expressions That Must Die Soon" and more intelligent humor.

Now I'm a fan. I'm now adding his blog @ to my feed reader :-)