Sunday, August 7, 2011

Book Review: The Best of This is a Crazy Planets (Good Reads)


Book Title: The Best of This is a Crazy Planets
Author: Lourd Ernest H. de Veyra
Language: English/Filipino
ISSN: 2011-1215-00
No. of Pages: 116
Publisher: Summit Media | Summit Books
Where to Buy: Available at National Bookstore
Price: 195.00 php.

I first learned of Lourd de Veyra from his video segment "The Word of the Lourd" of TV5 and from Radioactive Sago Project latterly. I became interested to his satire views, shrewd commentaries, sarcastic humor and an aura of his that would make you say "yeah, that's right Lourd!".

Learning that he released a new book, I anticipated to buy it.

Reading "The Best of This is a Crazy Planets" will not make yourself to be fed up with. It is something that you need to read more so that you'll be aware of your stupidity. Well, I actually realized that in some ways I'm stupid after reading the book. I feel kind of embarrassed, really, but I'm happy that I've learned not to do the don'ts. I asked myself "Why am I doing those things? I just realized why.", and that's because I'm a victim of a distorted culture. It's a book that is something I can relate to.

After reading his collection of essays, I've learned several do's and dont's. Like "Umasal Lang Ng Ayon Sa Ganda", "Words and Phrases A Real Man Must Never Use", "10 Stupid Expressions That Must Die Soon" and more intelligent humor.

Now I'm a fan. I'm now adding his blog @ to my feed reader :-)


  1. hmmm...the book seems interesting
    thanks for the visit

  2. @reese ~ thanks reese :-)

    @VanillaSeven ~ an ample entries from that book are written in Filipino, else and most are in English. Thanks for visiting :-)

  3. fan din ako ni Lourd de Veyra, naging interesado ako sa kanya dahil sa WOTL sa TV5. Kaya lang hanggang ngayon wala pa akong libro niya, susubukan ko ulit sa National Bookstore dito sa Antipolo, baka meron na.

  4. Lourd's column title is derived from the infamous suicidal note of one of 80s biggest bold stars. The grammatical error is intentional.

  5. kilala ko lang si lourd de veyra bilang bokalista ng radio active sago project. pero nung makanood din ako ng word of the lourd sa tv5 dun ko lang nakita ung other side niya as a journalist. astig, maraming matutunan sa book lalo na kung gus2 mo mga nakakatawang leksiyon. :)

  6. Astig the other of lourd de veyra. hindi ung puro ayoko ng baboy lang ang alam ko sa kanya! wahaha