Monday, January 16, 2012

Peek to the Upcoming Literateknolohitura's Book Review(s)

I just received "Art of War by Sun Tzu" I ordered from I feel relieved as I worried about my order in the last few weeks. I'm still waiting for the remaining 4 packages; books relevant to my previous post. Hope I received it soon.

The Art of War by Sun Tzu | Arcturus Publishin Ltd. | Package Received from 01/13/12

On the other bibliophile mania, I learned that National Bookstore Philippines is selling the Pulitzer Prize winner, Maus by Art Spiegelman. I went to their store and successfully bought one of Spiegelman's book MetaMaus. MetaMaus is actually a new release and it includes the complete Maus comics in an electronic form which is inside the DVD included in it. But I still looking forward to the actual Maus comics. And unfortunately, Nat'l Bookstore has no longer the stock and offered me a Special Order form.

MetaMaus by Art Spiegelman | Bought at National Bookstore Philippines

MetaMaus by Art Spiegelman | DVD included; contains complete Maus Comics in electronic form

MetaMaus by Art Spiegelman | Glimpse Inside

Wish me more books to share. See you on my next post ^_^


  1. nice book review, i like that MetaMaus book might get myself one :)

    1. Be fast, within the following months, it will be hard to get at any local bookstore (PH).

  2. Isa samga pinakapaborito kong aklat ay ang Art of War. Pwede gamitin sa laha ng bagay.

    1. Opo, may nakapagsabi sa akin tungkol sa aklat na Art of War kaya di ako nag-atubiling bilhin ito. Asahan ninyong gagawan ko ito ng rebyu sa susunod na buwan.

      Salamat sa iyong pagbisita!