Sunday, July 8, 2012

Skyworld Volume I Comic Book Review

Skyworld Volume I - Front Cover
Skyworld Volume I - Rear Cover
Comic Book Title: Skyworld Volume I
Authors: Mervin Ignacio & Ian Sta. Maria
Publisher: National Bookstore Inc.
Price (in Philippine Peso): I forgot
ISBN: 9710871501

Skyworld is the first Filipino comic book written in English that I’ve ever read. I didn’t expect much on Skyworld except on its Skypad iPad Promo but the moment I turned the page; I read it continuously without a rest. I finished the book without knowing what the time is (anyway, you can finish the book within an hour). It revives the Philippine myths and legends. Characters pack with Tikbalang, Manananggal, Moon-Eating Dragon Bakunawa and even Lapu-lapu are in the story. Fight scenes were somehow brutal which I like. I told myself, I have no regrets on paying the book for . . . I forgot the price, anyway this would be the good start to support the Filipino comic book artist like Mervin Ignacio & Ian Sta. Maria.

Sky World Volume I - glimpse 01

Sky World Volume I - glimpse 02

Sky World Volume I - glimpse 03

Skyworld - Skypad Promo Stub
I’m actually looking for the volume II but unfortunately my suki bookstore doesn’t have the stock.

I will feature the next volume when I got one.



  1. Thank you very much for picking up SKYWORLD. Very glad that you enjoyed the book :-)

    After you've read SKYWORLD VOL2, you might want to check out the other local graphic novels like:


    TRESE: Murder on Balete Drive

    ELMER by Gerry Alanguilan


    1. Thanks Budjette.

      Those comic books are great. I just bought and read some of you recommendations but I can't find THE FILIPINO HEROES LEAGUE in popular bookstores.

      Review is now on queue for:


  2. What Budjette Said. :) Thank you so much! - Ian Sta.Maria