Sunday, October 28, 2012

Trese Vol. I : Murder on Balete Drive

Title: Trese
Sub Title: Murder on Balete Drive
Volume: I
  • (Story)
  • (Art)
ISBN: 9719257474
Language: English
Intended Audience: 18 and up. For mature readers.
Genre: Fantasy, Horror, Fiction
Book Format: Paperback
Publisher: VisPrint, Inc.
Printed: March 2008
Price: P140.00
Availability (Philippines): In Stock at National Bookstore (click direct link here for the product)

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Trese 1 Rear Cover
Trese Vol. 1 Rear Cover

A New Comic Universe, Philippine Based Heroes, Anyone Would be Amused Of

Rating: 5 stars out of 5

Good timing, I'm reviewing this comic book as remembering of the dead's day is approaching. Why? Because the story has something to do with unusual phenomenon we or some of us experience in our life. You know, It's a hot topic when Nov. 1 is getting near, we talk about scary or unusual experiences with engkantos, ghosts, dwende and the likes. Well, Trese is set in a world where myth and reality co-exist. Living naturally in veil form of a human, walking with us in our daily lives. As such, you'll find an elder Tikbalang a business magnate of a company in this book or party girls with their true form as wind elemental beings.

I discover this book upon finishing Skyworld Vol. I graphic novel. I learned of Alexandra Trese in that book and realized she's the main character also from Trese comic series (now in my hand). It's a great thing to know that the same character hops on other comic series like Skyworld. It's kind of Marvel universe where character can appear as a guest or cameo on other series. With Trese and Skyworld, let's call it Alamat Universe as "Alamat" is the name of the group created by the authors.
This volume consist of four issues (divided into four cases):
  • Case 1: At the Intersection of Balete and 13th Street
  • Case 2: Rules of the Race
  • Case 3: The Tragic Case of Dr. Burgos
  • Case 4: Our Secret Constellation
As I've mentioned Balete Drive on the above list, I know you're now thinking of the white lady if you're familiar with her legend, well she's indeed part of Trese case. About her role and how Alexandra Trese and crime finder Capt. Guerrero resolve her case, It's now up to you to grab the book at your suking bookstores.
Thanks and see you on my next review of Trese Vol. II!

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This is only a comic book review and doesn't outline the whole story of the book. The review made by the author are solely his own opinion. It may contain spoiler and may not reflect what's in the book.


  1. Wow, you are such a reader.. i so admire people with a big inclination to reading, that means they have a lot of things in mind...whew!

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  2. i always hear about budjette tan and this series from Jessica Zafra's blog...

  3. Now this book got my attention. I love horror stories but i'm just too scared to watch movies. Reading might be better. :)