Thursday, February 19, 2015

News: Haruki Murakami's Two Early Novels Will Be Re-published in One book, Release Date is August 2015

I accidentally discovered the sale listing in Barnes&Noble (see listing here) and also tried its ISBN 0385352123 in It's there! There will be a new Haruki Murakami book!

The Guardian already reported about this last year and it's becoming true, obviously. The pre-order listing just excites me.

Here are the details i gathered and there are no response "yet" from Knopf DoubleDay about further details of the book, as of this writing (whether it will be designed by Chip Kidd and more):

Title: Wind/Pinball: Two Early Novels
Author: Haruki Murakami
Format: Hardcover – Deckle Edge
Publisher: Knopf (August 4, 2015)
Translator: Ted Goossen
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0385352123
ISBN-13: 978-0385352123

Judging the title of his new book, there's no hard guess, It's obviously "Hear the Wind Sing" & "Pinball, 1973" in one published book (as The Guardian reported last year). The two early books, the English translated one, are very scarce (not the eBook). The actual copies are rare to find and the price is heavy. The average price of the said two books are around $290 - $1,980 from So this would be a very good news for you if you're a Hardbound collector like me!

You can pre-order Haruki Murakami's new book Wind/Pinball below:

Or at BookDepository (Free Delivery Worldwide!):

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Wind/Pinball Official Book Cover Art Released (Updated as of April 04, 2015)

wind pinball official cover art


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February 19, 2015


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