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Book Review: The Spiderwick Chronicles - Lucinda's Secret by Tony DiTerlizzi & Holly Black | Series no. 03

spiderwick lucinda's secret front cover
Lucinda's Secret Front Cover

Title: The Spiderwick Chronicles - Lucinda's Secret
Author: ,
Book Series No. 03
ISBN: 0439597420
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Children's
Publication Date:
Format: Hardcover
Language: English
Genre: Children's Literature, Fantasy
Suitable Age: 7 and up

- Jared Grace
- Simon Grace
- Mallory Grace
- Helen Grace
- Aunt Lucinda
- Thimbletack (brownie)
- The Phooka
- Elves
- Byron (griffin)

This is the third series of the Spiderwick Chronicles, Lucinda's Secret. If you missed my book review for the first & second series, you can visit the link to my review of The Field Guide here and as for my review of The Seeing Stone, click here.

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spiderwick lucinda's secret back cover
Lucinda's Secret back cover

spiderwick lucinda's secret book spine
Lucinda's Secret book spine

spiderwick lucinda's secret title page
Lucinda's Secret title page

The Spiderwick Chronicles - Lucinda's Secret Summary

* summary contains spoiler, you may skip ahead and read my opinionated review

The following morning when the Grace siblings got up in bed, they experienced again weird happenings in their life. The siblings are suspecting It's another annoying surprise of Thimbletack. They realize it's because of the book.

Mallory wanted the book out of their life, but Jared resist to keep it. The siblings asked their mom Helen to visit their Aunt Lucinda in the Nursing home. Helen gladfully accepts her children's wishes. So they meet Aunt Lucinda and confirmed she knows the book, the existence of faeries and Thimbletack. It was also told that her dad, Arthur Spiderwick left them without any reason which the Grace siblings can very much relate because of their parent's divorce. Aunt Lucinda warned the siblings to get out of her house because of impending danger. She instructs to get the guide and move out of her house but as Jared was about to present the Field Guide taking it out from wrapped cloth, he found a cookbook instead. They were tricked. Probably by Thimbletack.

spiderwick lucinda's secret sample page
Lucinda's Secret sample page

To cut short, they went back home, looked for the guide in Arthur's library. They also want to find out how and why Arthur Spiderwick disappear. They take a short walk outside with the map they found in the library. Following the map, they went to the edge of the hill. Thinking it could be a hint where Arthur Spiderwick have gone. There, they encountered The Phooka. The Phooka talks like giving out a wisdom-talk, not talking straightly but actually it's giving a hint on what the siblings may face upon entering the elf's domain. Later on, they encountered three elves. The three elves suspects that the Field Guide is being kept by the Grace siblings. They hostage Jared for a trade. The elves want to trade for the Field Guide in exchange the freedom of their sibling - Jared Grace. Jared pretended he's Simon and tricked the Elves to abide by its condition about freeing Simon which he pretends to be. Note that Jared & Simon are identical twins, the Elves overlooked it and because of technicalities, Jared was freed.

* end of spoiler / summary

This book is the climax of the Spiderwick Chronicles series, the siblings are very close to finding out the mystery disappearance of Arthur Spiderwick and gives a suspense about losing the Field Guide. Also, It'll enlighten you why the Field Guide is very important. Young ones will realize how harsh human beings about abusing our natural environment. Though the story is fiction, we can't deny that our fellow humans are doing it in real life. You'll itch to read the next book upon finishing what have happened in this series.

new character in the next book of spiderwick chronicles 4
New Characters in the next book

I'm giving this title a book rating of: 3.5 / 5.0

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