Monday, July 10, 2017

Book Review: One More Chance | A Novel by Juan Miguel Sevilla

Lazada Philippines

I just found this book lying around the house. It came with the balikbayan box from Singapore sent by a relative. Not sure if the signature is from my cousin or from the author itself. But they told me it wasn't my cousin's signature. I'm just not sure.

One More Chance front cover art

Title: One More Chance
Screen Writer(s): Vanessa Valdez, Carmi Raymundo
Cover art: Lorra Elena Angbue-Te
ISBN: 9789718161333
Publisher: ABS-CBN Publishing Inc.
Published Date:
Language: Filipino and English / Taglish
Genre: Romance, Contemporary, Adult Fiction

Note, this book was based from the movie "One More Chance" by Cathy Garcia-Molina

I have no liking to any Filipino films but I'm aware of the movie title as it was trending before in the kitchen of our office. It was a word of mouth by most of my girl friends (not girlfriend). The movie was a success during its time. I'm not curious about it even if the TV commercial tell me it was a huge success. Many Filipino movies announced their success in TV commercials but the competing TV Channel don't. So, I don't trust what they're saying.

I underestimate the movie without watching it. But as I read this novelized version "One More Chance" by Juan Miguel Sevilla, I find the story pretty good.

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