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Graphic Novels & Manga (New and Old Releases) | February 2019 Book Discovery

In this article, I share with you my discoveries of new and old releases of graphic novels and manga. I already read some of the titles and some are new to me. I pick them due to that they won a lot of awards and gain popularity.

Berserk Deluxe edition, FMA Fullmetal edition, 5 Centimeters per Second - one more side Novel, Polar, Death Note
Berserk Deluxe edition, FMA Fullmetal edition, 5 Centimeters per Second - one more side Novel, Polar, Death Note
Most of the titles here are something you should look forward to for this year 2019 and some might not or you're not aware there's such edition release of that title. Check them below:

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Monstress Comic Series is Getting a Hardcover Edition

monstress book 1 art cover
Monstress Book 1 Cover Art
Image Credit: Book Depository
Monstress is an epic fantasy comic series written by Marjorie Liu and illustrated by Sana Takeda. The first issue was published in 2015. The comic series has won several awards starting in the year 2017 - 2018, from the following awarding bodies British Fantasy Award, Eisner Awards, Harvey Awards, and Hugo Awards.

The hardcover edition titled Monstress: Book 1 collects Issue 1 - 18 and will be released for sale on July 2019.

You can buy and pre-order the book at BookDepository, just follow the link below:

Deluxe Edition of Berserk and Light Novel to be Released this Year

berserk kentaru miura deluxe edition
Berserk Deluxe Edition 1 (front)
Image Credit:
Kentaro Miura's Berserk manga is getting a special touch with this Berserk Deluxe edition set to be released this coming March 2019. The Deluxe edition collects the first three Volumes of the said Manga.

If you're not familiar with this dark fantasy manga Berserk, I'll just give you three words about it - violence, dark, and gore. If you're not into this genre, you may skip this read, but I still recommend this book as it has a very good dark story.

You can pre-order Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 Deluxe Edition below:

* Berserk Deluxe Vol. 1

* Berserk Deluxe Vol. 2

berserk light novel the flame dragon knight
Berserk - The Flame Dragon Knight Art Cover
Image Credit:
Also, another Berserk title will be released on the following month after Berserk Deluxe ed. release, Is the Light Novel titled The Flame Dragon Knight. As we've read its synopsis, the story is about Grunbeld, one of the apostles, a follower of Griffith. Perhaps this Light Novel will talk about his past.

You can pre-order your copy of Berserk: The Flame Dragon Knight at the ff. link:

berserk kentaro miura official guidebook
Book Cover Image Credit:
Lastly, if you already forgot the story of Berserk due to the long gap in the release, you may also get the Official Guidebook, see link below:

Fullmetal Alchemist: Fullmetal Editions

If you love Fullmetal Alchemist + the hardcover collection is your personal preference then good news (not new but if don't know it yet then good news), you can collect FMA manga in deluxe hardcover with these Fullmetal editions:

The Fullmetal editions features bonus artworks, fresh letterings, some colored pages, and high-quality paper. A must-have collection for FMA fans!

So far the Fullmetal editions Vol 1 - 3 are already released and the rest of the Volumes will be released on the ff. dates: Vol. 4 (February 12, 2019), Vol. 5 (May 14, 2019), and Vol. 6 (August 13, 2019). You can pre-order them on the above widget links.

5 Centimeters per Second: one more side

5 centimeters per second one more side novel
Book Cover credit:
The heart-wrenching story of 5 Centimeters per Second by Makoto Shinkai gives you another side of the story with this newly translated novel set to be released on February 26, 2019.

I know everyone who watched the animation or read the manga version are curious to what happened on the story of her childhood crush. This novel tells her side of the story.

You can pre-order your copy below:

On related article, read our Manga review for 5 Centimeters per Second here:

Polar by Victor Santos

If you love the Netflix adaptation of the graphic novel Polar by Victor Santos then continue following the story of the Black Kaiser by buying the actual books below:

Reader Warning: R-18, may contain disturbing violence, torture, sex, and gore.

Death Note - All-in-one Edition

Don't want to spend your money on each Death Note manga? Check this All-in-One edition for just $20+ bucks. This was released September 2017. I just discovered this while browsing online and thought to share this with you (if you haven't discovered this copy yet).

Hope you like my share.

Thanks! :)

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