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Book Review: Elevation, a novel by Stephen King

elevation by stephen king front cover
Elevation by Stephen King Front Cover

Title: Elevation
Illustrator: Mark Edward Geyer
Format: Hardcover
Language: English
Genre: Mystery, Paranormal, Fiction, Novelette
ISBN: 9781982102319
Publisher: Scribner
Published date:

I bought this book from Big Bad Wolf 2020, a book fair event at the World Trade Center, Pasay, Metro Manila, Philippines.

I never read the synopsis of this book as I don't want to get spoiled. It's just a hundred pages book readable for just a day or two.

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elevation by stephen king rear cover art
Elevation by Stephen King rear cover art

elevation by stephen king without dust jacket

elevation by stephen king opening cover

elevation by stephen king opening page

elevation by stephen king sample illustration

* Review may contain spoilers, so SPOILER ALERT!

This is the story of Scott Carey who got an odd condition with his weight. He lives in Castle Rock with conservative residents (at some point, there's a mention of Trump and political color, the hell I know about politics in the US). And not just the conservatives, also the diverse one. He consulted a local doctor who is already retired. He didn't consult other Doctors for a second opinion, or even a scientist for fear of becoming a guinea pig. Also, he wants to befriend his mad neighbor couple. Due to his mysterious condition, he wants to make up with his neighbor because he expects the worse will come for his mysterious weight loss. It would be pretty pathetic of him if he didn't make friends with his neighbor and not just with Doctor Bob. I mean, he'll float all over his house without help because of 'elevation'.

This is unlike most of Stephen King's books that are tome-like in size, this is a novelette. I finished the book in just two days. Also, It has an illustration in every chapter, I appreciate the fanciness.

It's a smooth read. From the start, I like the little humor, contemporariness, and the plot towards the end of the novel. But I don't like the ending itself. What I don't like is it's like the story is kind of cut short and weird, particularly the ending is weird. Imagine saying goodbye to a friend, and logically speaking, his fate is not unknown, but surely he'll die out there. It's just they finally accepted his fate without concern he'll die out there. It's just that. The story is done.

Rating: 3.5 / 5.0



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