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Book Discovery: Books Appeared in the 2019 Anime Film Hello World and Another World

My last book discovery post was in February 2019. Book Discovery is one of the topic segments of Literateknolohitura where we will feature old books you might have not heard before and also upcoming new books (depends on our mood). If you want to trackback the last post, just head to this link: Graphic Novels & Manga (New and Old Releases) | February 2019 Book Discovery

In this post, I will list the books that appeared in the 2019 Japanese anime film Hello World, directed by Tomohiko Itō and produced by Graphinica. Plus books appeared in its spin-off anime series Another World.

book discovery april 2019 banner featuring books from the 2019 anime film hello world

If you haven't watched Hello World, please head to our partner site for their movie review:

Most of the titles listed here were only published in their original language - Japanese, and they have no English editions. Only a couple of Japanese books listed here have their English editions.

So let's start and see those books:

Bōkenshatachi: Ganba to 15-hiki no Nakama by Atsuo Saitoh

Gamba no Bōken ガンバの冒険
Screenshot of Bōkenshatachi in Episode 1 of Another World
Adventures of Gamba or in Japanese - Gamba no Bōken ( ガンバの冒険 ) was mentioned and appeared in episode 1 of "Another World", a spin-off anime series to the main film Hello World. Remember Ruri sang it in episode 1? The 'Ganba' tune is based on the opening song of the 1975 Japanese vintage anime of the same name. The Gamba no Bōken anime is based on a novel titled The Adventurers: Gamba and His Fifteen Companions [ Japanese: Bōkenshatachi: Ganba to 15-hiki no Nakama / 冒険者たち ガンバと15ひきの仲間 ] by Atsuo Saitoh.

You can buy the tankobon softcover format of the Bōkenshatachi book below:

No English edition of the above title was ever released. But it's not too late to learn the Japanese language, right?

Brain Valley by Hideaki Sena

Brain Valley by Hideaki Sena
Screenshot of Brain Valley book by Hideaki Sena in Episode 1 of Another World
This book was also mentioned in episode 1 of Another World shared by Naomi to Ruri when they're talking about books. According to him, It's a sci-fi book and more of like a thesis than a fiction.

The title is in English but it is not written in English. There is no English edition release for this title. You can buy the two volumes of Brain Valley below:

Just a little trivia, the author of this book is Hideaki Sena who is also the author of Parasite Eve [ Japanese: Parasaito Ivu / パラサイト・イヴ ], a horror novel which later adapted into a video game in 1998 by Squaresoft. I can still remember playing the Parasite Eve game in the Sony Playstation One game console. I really like the story of the game. Remembering it now, I want to read the novel version where the game was adapted into.

So here's a bonus book recommendation, I found an English edition of the Parasite Eve below:

The Blade of the Courtesans by Keiichiro Ryu

Original Title: Permit for Yoshiwara ( Japanese: Yoshiwara Gomenjo / 吉原ごめんじょ )

Yoshiwara Gomenjo by Keiichiro Ryu
Screenshot of Yoshiwara Gomenjo by Keiichiro Ryu in Episode 1 of Another World
Yoshiwara Gomenjo is a historical fiction novel by Japanese author Keiichiro Ryu. In the film, Naomi mentioned he read this book but unsure of its genre. Good news if you don't know the Japanese language, It has an English edition published by Vertical Inc.

Japanese (left) | English edition (right)

Kotoba Magazines

In the Hello World film, these two books appeared in the library with the two students violating library rules (look: eating their bread with a full grasp of their bare hands):

Kotoba Magazines

Kotoba is a lit magazine in Japan. There's no English edition of Kotoba. If you're into Japanese and you're learning their language, reading a copy of Kotoba may be good practice for you.

Great Lake City by Unknown

The most eye-catching book in the Hello World film is the "Great Lake City" by an unknown author.

I tried hunting this title but I think this is a fictitious book and doesn't exist in our real world.

Upon hunting this book, what I've found is a merchandise item with a similar cover.

Link to this product:
I have no idea about its content. I guess it has postcards and other stationery items. If you have this item, feel free to share it with us. Please let us peek! :3

Hello World Manga and Guidebook

The following titles are only available in Japan:

  • Hello World, Vol. 1 (Manga)
  • Hello World if
  • Hello World Official Visual Guide
The above titles have no English editions yet. Perhaps in the near future, the English edition will become available.

I think that's it! If I miss anything else, don't hesitate to share it with us by commenting on this post.

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