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Book Review: Rooms by Lauren Oliver | Signed First Edition

rooms by lauren oliver front cover
Rooms by Lauren Oliver, signed edition
Title: Rooms
ISBN: 9780062223197
Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Ecco
Published date:
Language: English
Genre: Fiction, Adult, Paranormal, Mystery

I score this signed copy from a local warehouse sale last year of 2019. I haven't read any of her books but I'm pretty sure I heard the author's name somewhere so I grab it with my cart. Plus, It's a signed copy! Who wouldn't?!

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rooms by lauren oliver rear cover

rooms by lauren oliver signed copy
Rooms Autographed by Lauren Oliver

rooms by lauren oliver without dust jacket

rooms by lauren oliver book spine

The style of storytelling of this book is per the character's point of view (PoV). I'm not used to reading PoV style but I'm still going to give this book a try. Also, reading the first few chapters made me feel "I'm not going to like it". It's the setting and drama that bores me. It's not that tiring to read, It's actually a smooth read. Her style of writing for this book is comfortable, informal, no holds barred. At some point, I find it funny, disgusting, and stupid; and that arouses me to continue reading. I just think there's something more to this story and not just a messy family with ghosts who likes to eavesdrops.

Like I've said, the storytelling is per the character's point of view and the chapter is per room of the house of Richard Walker. Richard Walker is the late owner of the house and father of Trenton and Minna; ex-husband of their mother Caroline. Each room flashbacks a part of the story for each of the ghosts who are also residing in the house - Alice, Sandra, and a new one which will be eventually revealed in the end. It makes me wonder why Richard Walker's ghost isn't there? It's a question about how those ghosts are still creeping the house and why don't they just go away? But it's just that. It is not the focus of the story and I think that's not important with how the story goes.

The Rooms tells us there are memories in our house. Alice, Sandra, and the new ghost are like the manifestation of living memories who still lingers in our home. Unappeasable memories who are still waiting for a time for the living world to achieve something for them, so they will become finally at peace.

I'm rating this book: 2.8 / 5.0

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