Literateknolohitura's History

Literateknolohitura is the product of a failed blog. Rooted back some time of January 2009, half of the term "Literateknolohitura" was conceptualized from my first blog Literantado. Literantado was an absurdist lit review blog site with some insensitive off-topic post. Eventually, I got bored with blogging Literantado and realized that I no longer want what I'm doing with that blog.

Some time year 2010, I decided to create another blog. I've tried combining a two distinct niche (subject) into one blog. That's Literature and Technology. I played with the words and came up with naming my new blog as Literateknolohitura [ Filipino: Literatura + Teknolohiya ]. Soon, I later realized, It will not work in the long run. With the knowledge of SEO, I got from my work, I removed all of my Technology posts in this blog and I just have to stick with the Literature niche.

About Otakore Literantadodist

Otakore Literantadodist was my very first pen name in blogging since Literantado days. Otakore came from playing the term "Hardcore" and "Otaku" but I'm not really a hardcore one. I moderately read Manga, watch Anime and build Plastic Model Kits. Note, some stranger from Facebook messaged me privately, asking me about the "Otakore" name. Later, I realized, the name was also in use in some regions of South Africa. The Facebook user who messaged me has the same name. It was used as a real people's name too. And Literantadodist came from my blog Literantado, ist as blogger of the said blog.

Today, Literateknolohitura is still active. We also sell pre-loved books at our page, check it here.

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